Ancor acquires Identity Group Holdings

Ancor Capital Partners, Merit Capital Partners and PNC Mezzanine Capital today announced the acquisition of Identity Group Holdings Corporation, a Cookeville, Tenn., based identity products manufacturer.

Identity Group manufactures custom identity products engineered to communicate a brand, message, location, or creative theme, and is best known for manufacturing and marketing customized interior signs. Identity Group’s mass customization capabilities allow it to quickly produce high-volume, custom orders for businesses nationally and internationally. In addition to interior signage, Identity Group’s products include sign systems, dimensional lettering, stock signs, custom and stock stamps, and embossed, engraved, or printed identity products. “Identity Group has a strong management team and we’re excited to partner with them,” said Ancor Capital Managing Partner Raymond Kingsbury. “Together, we can allow the company to execute on its plan to be the dominant leader in the industry.”

Kingsbury said part of the growth strategy is to provide capital to initiate an aggressive acquisition strategy of other providers of interior signage in market niches such as health care and hospitality.
Brad Wolf, President and Chief Executive Officer of Identity Group said the acquisition brings new life into the company.

“The ability to team with an equity sponsor such as Ancor and their partners, including Merit and PNC, brings new life into our company and positions us on a strong platform on which we can drive growth,” said Wolf. “Our management team has reinvested in the business along with Ancor, and we are excited to be a part of such a vibrant group of investors.”

Ancor Capital Partner J. Randall Keene will represent Ancor on Identity Group’s Board of Directors.
“This is our sixth transaction with Merit Capital Partners, and we are especially pleased to once again be teaming with them in this acquisition,” said Keene. “We also are very pleased to have PNC Mezzanine partner with us on Identity Group as we have known them for several years, we have great respect for them and their strategy and we look forward to building a long-term relationship with them.”

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