Ancor and Prairie announce sale of FCA Packaging

Ancor Capital Partners and Prairie Capital are pleased to announce the sale of FCA Packaging Products to Delos Capital. FCA is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of highly-customized, highly-engineered, protective / transport packaging solutions for heavy duty applications. In 2009 Ancor and Prairie joined forces, along with management, to purchase the company and reinvest in the business to transform it into a premier outsourcer of expendable packaging needs.

Randall Keene, Managing Partner of Ancor, said “in 2009 we saw the opportunity to replicate what we previously did in outsourcing to medical manufacturers and accomplish this in the industrial goods market. The outsourcing model allows customers to concentrate their efforts on their primary business and outsource the parts which are not a core focus”. He continued, “at that time we knew Prairie Capital would share our vision for the company and we teamed up with them on the acquisition of FCA. They have proven to be a terrific partner.” Mr. Keene continued, “one of the keys to our success was also partnering with Jeff Campagna, co-founder of FCA. He reinvested with us to realize the dream he started when he co-founded FCA. We are extremely grateful for the contributions of Jeff Campagna and his team.”

Steve King, Founding Partner of Prairie Capital, said “we previously invested with Ancor and we knew the strength of their strategy and were confident that together we could transform FCA into the premier outsourcer of packaging products to heavy duty industrial users.” He continued, “the partnership with the management team led by Jeff Campagna and Ancor has been a true success. Our collaboration allowed the company to move to the next level of growth.”

Jeff Campagna, Founder and President of FCA, has reinvested in the business and will continue to play a vital role in the ongoing company. Mr. Campagna said “it has been a great partnership with Ancor and Prairie and we are excited to continue the growth of the company with Delos.”

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