Our Culture

Passion + Process + Purpose + People

Ancor is built around these principles. Our goal is to instill these four principles into every company, every team, and every person in our investment portfolio. At Ancor Capital Partners, this is our way of life — our culture.


It all begins with passion. Profits are important, but they are the result of a vibrant, creative, and supportive culture — an atmosphere where passion brings out the best in every team member.


Process plays a key role in building trust and fostering authenticity and vulnerability among management. Following key processes improves the quality of their decisions and, in turn, the quality of their relationships will improve spectacularly.


People need a purpose. Everyone in the company needs to be able to clearly communicate, “This is who we are. This is what we do exceptionally well. This is what our customers can count on.”


People are the most valued resource of any company. People are the game changers of a business and they need to feel valued and confident in what they do every day.

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Client Testimonials

  • Teaming with Ancor provided the platform on which to build the company and pursue growth initiatives that we previously could not have pursued.

    President, The Finial Company
  • Thanks to Ancor’s experience and knowledge, Galactic has matured into an outstanding organization. By putting the four Ps into practice and never taking our focus off these foundational principles, our organization is not only profitable; it’s fun!

    President/CEO, Galactic Performance Solutions
  • Ancor instills a process where we’re able to communicate openly to address issues and opportunities as a team. We created an environment where people enjoyed where they worked and felt good about themselves. We never lost sight of the financial goals, but we found better ways to get there.

    President, 600 lb. Gorillas;
    Former President, Carex Health Brands
  • The caring example Ancor set by living and breathing their business culture and methodology made it easy to envision a better and brighter future for our company, ourselves and our families.

    Chairman and Cofounder, FCA Packaging
  • Ancor sets challenging goals with clear accountability for themselves and those in their companies. But they also provide the support, resources, and encouragement to help all constituents be successful. Their mission is to create winners, and certainly not just in a financial context.

    Chairman, Cash America International
  • For our team, Ancor’s four Ps have established the environment necessary to create a powerful, positive culture and achieve success. Over time, implementing them has become effortless and self-perpetuating. It is truly “a better way.”

    CPA President and CEO, Bakewise Brands

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