Pacific Device, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA In May 1996, Pacific Device was acquired. The Company provided contract manufacturing services to OEMs of medical devices and specialized in radio frequency (“RF”) and ultrasonic welding, clean-room assembly, and offered the potential for low-cost labor through its Mexican operations.

Centrex Precision Plastics, Inc.

BELLEFONTE, PENNSYLVANIA In March 1998, Avail Medical Products, Inc. acquired Centrex Precision Plastics. The company was a manufacturer of molded parts for medical device companies. Centrex operated 60 injection-molding machines in three facilities in Pennsylvania and the Carolinas.

Avail Medical Products, Inc.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS Avail was an innovative medical device company and was the largest provider of outsourced design, development, and manufacturing solutions for finished disposable medical devices in the U.S. Avail had facilities located in Mexico, Europe and China and was sold in 2007 to Flextronics International.

Simply Fresh Foods

BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA Simply Fresh Foods produces fresh, all-natural foods for fast-growing segments of the refrigerated products market across a wide range of channels. The Rojo’s brand encompasses innovative salsas and dips, and is the top national label of fresh salsa. The Company’s San Francisco brand covers a line of seafood salads and has been […]


ORMOND BEACH, FLORIDA Acquired in Q1 2016, DuvaSawko is an emergency physician owned and operated coding, billing, accounts receivable and practice-management company that works with Emergency Medicine practices across the US. VISIT SITE »
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