Mid-West Textile

EL PASO, TX Mid-West Textile is a leading textile recycler, retailer, and grader that provides an array of clothing and housewares for international export, domestic wholesale, and thrift retail end-markets. Mid-West reduces post-consumer waste while creating new supply chains for organizations in the U.S. and around the world. VISIT SITE »

Christensen Arms

GUNNISON, UTAH Acquired by Ancor Capital Partners in August of 2019, Christensen Arms is a leading American outdoor sporting manufacturer which specializes in premier bolt action hunting rifles and carbon fiber barrels. They produce some of the most lightweight, precise, and accurate rifles in the industry and are a favorite to passionate hunters and sporting […]

LSC Environmental Solutions

APALACHIN, NEW YORK LSC is a global manufacturer of premier products and equipment designed to address the persistent environmental challenges of erosion, odor, land reclamation, waste cover, seeding, and dust. Their products have been used extensively in high-profile environmental sites. VISIT SITE »

STATinMED Research

PLANO, TEXAS STATinMED Research is a leading medical technology company in the emerging Health Economics and Outcomes Research discipline that utilizes customized research methodologies and a diverse set of data sources to develop strategies that deliver better clinical outcomes, higher cost savings and greater value at every stage of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle. VISIT SITE […]


ELKHART, INDIANA Transhield develops and engineers high-tech, advanced environmental protective and corrosion inhibiting covers for the protection of boats, vehicles and equipment during storage or transit. The company has expanded its product offering from an original focus on the marine industry to the military and industrial markets. Transhield holds multiple patents which has allowed it […]

PMA Photometals

PHOENIX, ARIZONA Acquired in Q1 of 2017, PMA Photometals is a leading designer and manufacturer of private-label and branded chemically-etched metal crafting dies for a spectrum of crafting suppliers and end consumers. VISIT SITE »

Identity Group Holdings Corporation

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Identity Group is a leading manufacturer of signs, visual décor, and office products that identify brands, spaces, and individuals. VISIT SITE »

Industrial Timber

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Established in 1999, Industrial Timber, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered wood components for the furniture and upholstery industry. The company’s core philosophy, execution and platform is formed around innovation and evolving the traditional manufacturing premises of wood furniture frame production. Their state-of-the-art Innovation Center is proof of their commitment […]


DENTON, TEXAS HealthTrackRx is a leading CLIA certified and CAP accredited clinical prescription drug monitoring laboratory offering compliant and medically necessary toxicology testing services specific to each physician’s request and patient’s needs. VISIT SITE »

Care Options 4 Kids

DALLAS, TEXAS Care Options 4 Kids is a leading provider of pediatric therapy services in the Texas market. The Company provides speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy to children through various payer sources including Medicaid and Medicaid HMO providers. VISIT SITE »
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