Ancor Acquired Three Platform Companies During First Half Of 2017

Ancor Acquired Three Platform Companies During First Half Of 2017Ancor Capital Partners (“Ancor”) is pleased to announce it already has acquired three platform companies in 2017, including Alliance Family of Companies, APF Furniture and PMA Photometals.

Complementing its healthcare portfolio, Alliance Family of Companies, based in Irving, Texas, is one of the fastest growing providers of neuro diagnostic, sleep diagnostic and cardiac testing healthcare services in the home setting. Alliance made the Inc. 500 list in 2015 and again this past year. In 2016, Alliance ranked 177th overall, 16th for Top Health Companies and 11th for Top Texas Companies.

Ancor’s manufacturing portfolio has expanded with APF Furniture and PMA Photometals. APF, based in the Southeastern United States, is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered wood components for the furniture and upholstery industry. Phoenix-based PMA Photometals of Arizona, Inc., established in 1982, is a leading designer and manufacturer of private-label and branded chemically-etched metal crafting dies for a spectrum of crafting suppliers and end consumers.

“These three acquisitions are the culmination of many years of work establishing Ancor’s presence in the lower middle-market” said J. Randall Keene, co-founder of Ancor. “Each of these companies fits well within the parameters and the historical strength of Ancor.  PMA Photometals is a unique niche player that has similar characteristics to a prior Ancor portfolio company, Fleuron, which was sold in 2016.  APF Furniture is an outsourced manufacturer filling a mission-critical role in its customers supply and distribution chain, similar to another prior Ancor portfolio company, FCA Packaging. The Alliance Family of Companies acquisition continues Ancor’s strong presence in the healthcare industry, which represents approximately half of the firm’s portfolio.”


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