Ancor acquires PMA Photometals

Ancor Capital Partners is pleased to announce the acquisition of Phoenix-based PMA Photometals of Arizona, Inc. Established in 1982, PMA is a leading designer and manufacturer of private-label and branded chemically-etched metal crafting dies for a spectrum of crafting suppliers and end consumers. The Company’s die offering is differentiated by its (i) best-in-class quality; (ii) non-stick proprietary coating; (iii) ability to produce intricate designs, and; (iv) lasting durability.

“We are excited to partner with the management team at PMA to help take the company to the next level,” said Ray Kingsbury, Partner at Ancor Capital. “We will be investing further in the business to help it grow within several new areas, including fabrics, which will dramatically change the scope of the company.”

“Teaming with Ancor enables PMA to effectively pursue significant growth initiatives,” said J. Michael Dywan, PMA President. “PMA takes great comfort that this is the right decision, based on Ancor’s record of success and its focus on a company’s people, passion, process and purpose.”

Ancor financed the PMA acquisition with Independent Bankers Capital Fund (IBCF) providing the subordinated debt and an equity co-investment, and First American Bank providing the senior financing. This is the third transaction financed through IBCF and First American, two institutions that have long-standing relationships with Ancor spanning decades. With the acquisition of PMA Photometals (, Ancor Capital has four manufacturing companies and five healthcare companies in its current portfolio.


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