Ancor Capital Partners Announces Care Options for Kids’ Acquisition of the Missing Peace Autism Therapy Center, LLC

OCI Holdings, LLC, dba Care Options for Kids (“COFK”), is pleased to announce the acquisition of The Missing Peace Autism Therapy Center, LLC, (“TMP”) based in Keller, Texas effective October 1, 2021. TMP’s Managing Partners and Founders, Beth Worman and Megan Haupert, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA, will continue to guide and lead TMP. TMP will partner with COFK to provide seamless coordinated clinical services to patients requiring both traditional therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis (“ABA”) autism services.

TMP is recognized in the DFW area as a leader of ABA clinic-based services, whose practice consistently produces significantly improved, efficient outcomes for its patients diagnosed with Autism and other behavior disorders. COFK is the largest provider of pediatric therapy in Texas and a recognized community-based in home Preferred Provider offering physical, occupational, speech communication, and PLAY Autism therapies utilizing full-time employed therapists. COFK has contributed a decade of independent clinical research experience and evidence-based results to the medical, insurance, and research communities. TMP and COFK will together continue their research endeavors offering evidence-based clinical outcomes.

COFK President and COO, Justin Valdata commented, “Today, 1 in 54 children in the U.S. are impacted by Autism, many of whom also require other therapies. COFK’s stellar clinical and research acumen, together with other experts in Autism, will extend our pediatric therapy services to those challenged with a diagnosis of Autism.” COFK and TMP will utilize the latest clinical techniques via parent involvement and trained therapists both in the homes of patients and in clinical settings, as appropriate for the patient’s diagnosis and tailored plans of care.

The Founders of TMP, Megan Haupert and Beth Worman jointly commented, “We and our employees are excited to be teamed with COFK. We look forward to expanding our Autism services with COFK for coordination of pediatric therapy care to patients throughout Texas.”

Michael J. Reiswig, Chairman and CEO of OCI Holdings, LLC noted, “Few organizations offer an array of complex pediatric therapies and fewer still offer them seamlessly and efficiently. We look forward to continuing our legacy of value-based clinical outcomes through coordinated care solutions while working closely with our extensive network of independent and hospital based Texas physicians with a collaborative goal to improve patients’ lives.”


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