Ancor Capital Partners Celebrates 30 Years as an Operations-Focused Private Investment Firm

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – (May 2, 2024) – Ancor Capital Partners, an operations-focused Dallas-area private investment firm, is celebrating 30 years of partnership and strategic investing in growth-oriented companies.

Ancor was founded in 1994 by Tim J. McKibben and J. Randall Keene with a focus on buying founder-led companies centered on growth. Over the last 30 years, Ancor has completed more than 60 acquisitions primarily in healthcare, consumer, light industrial and environmental industries.

“In three decades, we have created a team-oriented company culture, where everyone works together with a sense of community to accomplish our goals,” said McKibben. “Our unique operating environment allows Ancor’s investment professionals to flourish and blossom. The people of Ancor are what sets us apart, and I am so humbled to celebrate this amazing milestone.”

Historically, healthcare companies have dominated Ancor’s investment portfolio, but in recent years, the company has taken a more generalist investment approach. This strategic shift has led Ancor to expand into other leading industries, such as light industrial, manufacturing, consumer products, distribution and environmental services.

Through these three decades, Ancor has established a unique investment thesis emphasizing the development of a strong culture at each of its portfolio companies while also focusing on organic and non-organic strategic growth initiatives. This in conjunction with an ability to embrace change, has helped increase overall value for the companies.

Since its founding, Ancor has provided an environment for entrepreneurs to recognize liquidity in their investments while also providing the opportunity to reinvest and maintain active roles in leading the company.

“When we founded Ancor, we wanted to create an investment approach that would allow the founder/owner of a company and their executives the opportunity to gain liquidity while also unlocking a partnership with Ancor to grow to the next level by professionalizing the enterprise to build and drive value for its owners/stakeholders,” said Keene.

Ancor looks forward to an exciting 2024 following an active 2023. Across last year, the company made two strategic acquisitions consisting of a new platform in DISPLAYIT, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of structured experiential environments, and United Western Enterprises, Inc., a company focused on contract manufacturing using photochemical etching technology, which was acquired by Ancor’s portfolio company PMA Photometals.

About Ancor Capital Partners

Ancor Capital Partners, founded in 1994, is a Dallas-based private investment firm that invests in lower-middle-market companies. Ancor is focused on helping companies reach their next level of growth. Ancor’s experienced investment team has the acumen, expertise, and resources to invest wisely in existing successful companies through private equity buyouts. As a seasoned operating partner, Ancor works to optimize businesses, maximize growth opportunities and instill a lasting culture. With a proven track record of approximately 60 successful acquisitions to date, Ancor targets investments in healthcare, industrial, consumer staples and emerging industries. For more information, please visit



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