Ancor Capital Partners’ Portfolio Company, LSC Environmental Products, Announces New Product, VERDAC™ Landfill Cover Pellets

Ancor Capital Partners announces the successful product launch of VERDac™ Landfill Cover Pellets by its portfolio company, LSC Environmental Products (“LSC”). LSC was acquired by Ancor in May of 2019 and is the global leader in spray-applied products designed to address complex soil stabilization, remediation, and reclamation issues. Based in the Southern Tier of NY, LSC is best known for having pioneered the category of spray-applied landfill cover in the solid waste industry more than 35 years ago.

VERDac™ is yet another LSC innovation in the world of landfill cover, and it leverages two of LSC’s key innovation platforms (Posi-Shell® and Pelletized mulch). VERDac™ utilizes premium recycled paper, corn stalks, and patented mineral binders to deliver an economical and ergonomically superior product that meets all the Federal RCRA Subtitle D MSW landfill regulations while also conserving valuable airspace for customers at any scale.

Joe Donze, CEO of LSC, stated, “VERDac™ was developed to address specific feedback we’ve received over the years from hundreds of landfill customers across the globe. Customers continue to look for products that are sustainable, easy on their workers, and valuable to their operations.” Ray Kingsbury, Ancor Partner who has worked closely with LSC since the acquisition, has been impressed with the portfolio company’s efficient innovation process. “It has been fun to watch this product evolve from the “Voice of Customer… to product development… to manufacturing … and into rapid industry adoption. In my experience, it is rare to find such a thorough and prolific innovation process in a company the size of LSC. Ancor is excited to have LSC as part of our growing portfolio of industry leaders.”

About Ancor Capital Partners

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